Samsung's Medical Device Arm Buys Ultrasound Firm Sonio

France-based Sonio, a maker of a digital ultrasound management platform, was acquired this week by a subsidiary of Samsung focused on medical imaging devices.

South Korea-based Samsung Medison plans to acquire all shares of Sonio pending regulatory approvals, the company announced Wednesday. Once the deal closes, the 45-person Sonio will remain an independent company, according to Samsung's announcement, "and will continue its commercial growth independently while its products and services will remain compatible with all ultrasound device makers."

The deal is estimated to be worth over $92 million dollars. 

Sonio's flagship product is described as an "AI-powered prenatal ultrasound image management" solution. It aims to let care providers view patient data in a single, intuitive interface, as well as easily manage and share ultrasound images.

It's also the maker of an AI-powered SaaS solution called Sonio Detect that promises to help practitioners analyze and document ultrasound images in real time. Approved by the FDA last August, Sonio Detect can, according to the product's page, "detect views and anatomical structures within supported views," "verify quality criteria of the supported views," "quickly and efficiently detect presence of heart and brain structures," and "meet other important fetal imaging quality criteria."

"Collaboration with Sonio will bring together best-in-class ultrasound AI technology and reporting capabilities to bring a paradigm shift in the prenatal ultrasound exam," said Samsung Medison CEO Yong Kwan Kim in a prepared statement.

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Gladys Rama (@GladysRama3) is the editorial director of Converge360.

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