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3 Key Areas to Consider When Protecting Healthcare Data

Data protection in healthcare is critical. From the hospitals at the front line, to the insurance providers behind the scenes, all such organizations bear the dual responsibility of protecting themselves, as well as their patients. They must safeguard their data privacy, identity, security, and finances of their patients. They must also protect their own organization from costly breaches, regulatory fines, and damage to their business, reputation, and patient relationships.

Delta Dental of Michigan Optimizes Applications and Simplifies Operations with A10 Harmony Controller

Delta Dental of Michigan, along with its affiliates, make up one of the largest dental plan administrators in the U.S. as part of the Delta Dental Plans Association. Delta Dental’s services is growing rapidly but beyond dealing with significant business growth, digital is transforming the dental consumer and provider experience. They needed a strategic approach for a refresh of next-generation application delivery controllers (ADCs).

Closing Security Gaps for Connected Devices in Healthcare

Medical devices have become critical to patient care—and are connected to each other, your network, the internet, and the cloud. But many have inherent vulnerabilities, creating gaps in overall security. This ebook breaks down these risks and shows how an automated Zero Trust approach to medical device security can close the gaps.

The Healthcare CISO’s Guide to Medical IoT Security

In this e-book, The Healthcare CISO’s Guide to IoT Security, we bring you our ideal approach to implementing secure clinical and device workflow management in six steps.

The Right Approach to Zero Trust for Medical IoT Devices

The Right Approach to Zero Trust for Medical IoT Devices explains the fundamentals of Zero Trust and how to achieve it for connected medical devices. You will get a review of the three main principles of a Zero Trust approach to device security.

Medical IoT Security RFI Checklist

The purpose of this vendor-agnostic Request for Information (RFI) is to help our customers evaluate IoT security solutions that allow them to effectively address network security for unmanaged endpoints within a network.

2023 Gartner Market Guide for Medical Device Security Solutions

The 2023 Gartner® Market Guide for Medical Device Security Solutions is a must-read for CISOs facing cyber risks in securing connected medical devices. Use this guide to level up your healthcare organization’s medical device security strategy and software procurement process.

Securing the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT)— What You Need to Know

This infographic gives you a comprehensive overview of everything you need to know about securing medical devices or IoMT. Learn about what has trended so far and why and where IoMT security is projected to grow. Get the lowdown on how security is limiting adoption and why thinking outside the box can help overcome security issues.

Medical IoT Security

Palo Alto Networks Medical IoT Security is the most comprehensive Zero Trust security for medical devices. It is the only solution to accurately discover and assess every medical device on your network, quickly implement Zero Trust security, stop highly evasive zero-day attacks, and simplify your security operations, all in a single platform.

Unlock the potential of medical device development with digital twin technology

Download the latest ebook and discover how to prepare for operational readiness and minimize risks with digital twin simulation for medical devices.

Achieve Operational Quality for Medical Devices

Implement error-proof processes, paperless manufacturing and electronic device history records to ensure quality operations. Download the ebook to learn more about Operational Excellence for medical devices.

Managing Workload Efficiency with Quest® Foglight® for MySQL Performance Investigator Edition

This technical brief reveals how to easily manage the health and performance of your MySQL infrastructure while realizing cost savings. Proactively diagnose and solve workload issues with lock and wait analysis and multidimensional workload analysis.

An Expert Guide to SQL Server Performance Tuning

Unlock secrets of SQL Server performance tuning with tips from Pinal Dave, Janis Griffin, and Brent Ozar. Learn areas to check, metrics to focus on, and how to read an execution plan for optimal results.

The Fundamental Guide to SQL Query Optimization

Learn to optimize SQL query performance with real-world examples and clear instructions in this essential e-book for all skill levels. Monitor wait times, read execution plans, and identify problem tables for improved query optimization.

Oracle Data Migration to Azure: A ConversationalGeek Book

Learn about the benefits of moving Oracle databases to Azure in this concise guide by ConversationalGeek. Discover practical steps for a successful migration to take advantage of Azure's scalability and processing power.

Successful Microsoft Azure Migration with Quest® Data Empowerment Tools

Quest provides information and system management tools for assuring a smooth Microsoft Azure migration, as outlined in our white paper that will help you through the migration process.

Using the Azure Ecosystem to Get More from Your Oracle Data

Discover three ways you can use SharePlex® by Quest® to make your Oracle data coexist or integrate with Azure technologies in this technical brief.

Choose Your Own Cloud Adventure with Veeam and AWS

Read this Choose Your Own Cloud Adventure with Veeam® and AWS e-book, with 4 daring tales of data defense, to learn how Veeam and AWS can help you fight ransomware, data sprawl, rising cloud costs, unforeseen data loss and make you a hero!

Podcast: The Voice of Smart Digital Manufacturing: Closed-Loop Manufacturing is Critical

In this podcast, you’ll find out what digital enterprise entails and the impact it is having on the medical device industry. We’ll also highlight the benefits that come with digitalizing the manufacturing floor, and we’ll discuss the concept of closed-loop manufacturing and how it relates to other concepts such as digital twins and digital enterprise.

Med Cloud Insider Insight Report: Health Care Industry Finds New Capabilities in Cloud

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