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Mitigate the Prime Source of Cyber Threats to Your Business

Join Quest senior analyst Michael O'Donnell, Ph.D. to gain insights on real-life examples and actionable solutions, and learn three actions to take and protect your organization from cyber threats from unpatched vulnerabilities, regardless of your security architecture.

SQL Server Database Administration Best Practices

Join this webinar to learn the best practices for SQL Server database administration. Enhance your skills and keep your systems running smoothly with valuable insights from industry experts.

Data preparation fundamentals

Learn the basics of data preparation, including how to gather, clean, and organize data for analysis. Improve your skills and knowledge with expert insights and real-world examples.

SQL Server Performance Tuning in the Cloud

Maximize your SQL Server performance in the cloud with this webcast. Industry experts will share best practices for monitoring and improving performance, reducing downtime, and ensuring high availability.

Oracle Ace Webinar Series - Having Success After Cloud Migration

Learn how to ensure success in the cloud after migrating your Oracle databases in this Oracle Ace Webinar Series. Hear from industry experts as they share tips and best practices for post-migration.

Oracle Ace Webinar Series - Preparation for Cloud Migration

Learn how to prepare for a seamless transition to the cloud in this Oracle Ace Webinar Series. Hear from industry experts as they discuss best practices for migrating Oracle databases to the cloud.

High availability for Oracle databases and PostgreSQL

Learn how to achieve high availability for your Oracle and PostgreSQL databases. Hear industry experts from Quest discuss challenges and best practices in this on-demand webcast.

The Cost of Convenience: 5 Tips on how to Effectively Choose Between Proprietary or Open-Source

Join us for a thoughtful conversation on the philosophy behind open-source with tales from real-world customer interactions.

Getting Started with Cloud Security Summit

What are the current best practices for the modern IT enterprise? Find out in this half-day summit from the editors of Virtualization & Cloud Review.