AWS Makes It Easier To Flag Events in Its HealthLake Data Store

Amazon Web Services recently described new integration between its HealthLake data store and Amazon EventBridge, a serverless event routing solution.

AWS HealthLake is a cloud-bsaed, HIPAA-eligible data store that's specifically designed for healthcare data, including patient information, clinicians' notes, imaging reports and more. Amazon EventBridge, meanwhile, captures streaming data from customers' AWS services. Its Event Bus feature identifies events from a user's AWS application, then routes information about those events to specified targets for processing. EventBridge is useful for users looking to build event-driven applications, automate their network monitoring tasks and more.

The new integration between the two products makes it easier for users to keep track of events in their HealthLake environment. Previously, users had to create their own polling or other methods to process HealthLake events, for instance via the command line.

Now, however, "AWS HealthLake generates events and makes them available via Amazon EventBridge so that customers can monitor these events to build event driven architectures," AWS explained in a blog this week. "Leveraging various EventBridge features, such as event buses, rules, pipes and API destinations, customers can seamlessly integrate these events in their loosely coupled architecture."

Per the blog, the following HealthLake events are supported by the EventBridge integration:

  • Data Store Active
  • Data Store Creating
  • Date Store Deleted
  • Data Store Deleting
  • Export Job Completed
  • Export Job Completed With Errors
  • Export Job Failed
  • Export Job In Progress
  • Export Job Submitted
  • Import Job Completed
  • Import Job Completed With Errors
  • Import Job Failed
  • Import Job In Progress
  • Import Job Submitted
  • AWS API Call via CloudTrail

The integration opens up new use cases for HealthLake users, including event-based integrations, event-based data ingestion and size-optimized data ingestion.

About the Author

Gladys Rama (@GladysRama3) is the editorial director of Converge360.

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