Former AWS Exec Now CTO of Newly Spun-Off GE HealthCare


Having been spun-off from parent company GE, newly minted medical tech firm GE HealthCare this week announced its first CTO: Taha Kass-Hout, previously the head of machine learning at Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Kass-Hout will also lead the company's brand-new technology and science unit. "The new group, alongside the creation of the CTO role, demonstrates GE HealthCare's commitment to driving innovation, growth, and value through research and development," the company said in a press release.   

GE HealthCare officially became an independent, publicly traded entity this week; its spin-off from energy giant GE was finalized on Jan. 4. As a subsidiary, its business comprises four main areas: imaging, ultrasound, patient care and pharmaceutical diagnostics. 

Underpinning GE HealthCare's overall strategy is the concept of "precision care," which, in a nutshell, entails using the company's Edison AI platform and array of connected devices to interpret patient data from a variety of sources, and funneling actionable information to clinicians, thus improving their process for diagnosing and treating patients.

As GE HealthCare's new CTO, Kass-Hout will be responsible for promoting "growth through clinical research, patient-centric innovation and advancements to GE HealthCare's platforms, and digital and ML capabilities."

Before joining GE HealthCare, Kass-Hout was at cloud giant AWS, where he was the chief medical officer and vice president of machine learning. He contributed to the development of several health care-oriented AWS technologies, including Amazon HealthLake, Amazon Comprehend Medical and Amazon Omics.

In his new role, Kass-Hout will report to Peter Arduini, GE HealthCare CEO and president. 

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Gladys Rama (@GladysRama3) is the editorial director of Converge360.

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