Nvidia Launches AI-Based Edge Computing Platform for Medical Devices


In late March Nvidia announced the launch of Clara Holoscan MGX, a new solution aimed at the medical device industry that helps deploy real-time artificial intelligence at the edge for processing the high-throughput data streams often needed for real-time data.

According to Nvdia, along with achieving "new levels in sensor innovation," the release is "specifically designed to meet required regulatory standards" in the medical device industry.

"Deploying real-time AI in healthcare and life sciences is critical to enable the next frontiers in surgery, diagnostics and drug discovery,” commented Kimberly Powell, vice president of health care at Nvidia, in a prepared statement.

“Clara Holoscan MGX, with its unique combination of AI, accelerated computing and advanced visualization, accelerates the productization of AI and provides software-as-a-service business models for the medical device industry," she continued.

Clara Holoscan MGX is part of the company's Clara Holoscan platform, which it describes as an "all-in-one" AI architecture for medical devices.

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