Supply Chain Device Management Software Provider Acquired


Symplr has entered a deal to acquire GreenLight Medical, known for its cloud-based supply chain device management software for health care providers.

In the announcement made earlier this month, Symplr said it will be integrating GreeLight Medical's offering into its Spend Management solution, aimed at providing spend analysis and value management for health care financial teams.

"The combination of symplr's Spend Management offering and GreenLight's software platform will enable financial leaders across health systems to make more informed spending decisions," commented BJ Schaknowski, CEO of Symplr, in a prepared statement. "I built this company with the mission of greenlighting actual medical technology into physician and hospital leaders' hands," said Austin Dirks, CEO and Founder of GreenLight Medical. "The opportunity with Symplr will not only preserve this mission, but accelerate it, driving end-to-end healthcare operations to the next level."  

According to Symplr, its software is deployed in some way in nine out of 10 hospitals in the United States. 

Financial details of the acquisition were not disclosed. 

More information on GreenLight Medical's offerings can be found here.

/More information on Symplr can be found here.

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